2017 ISC Clinics and Tryouts Information

 June 2017 Clinics and Tryouts 


Clinics and Tryouts for 9U-19U players for the 2017-2018 season will be held in June 2017

Clinic & Tryouts Master Schedule for 2017

Effective in August of 2016, the United States Soccer Federation changed the process of how age groups were organized.  Age group designations are based on the calendar year, not the school year.  The cutoff for all ages groups is January 1.  This means that all players born in the same calendar year from January 1 of the same year until December 31 of the same year are grouped together on the same team.  There is a matrix below that you will need to view in order to calculate your child’s soccer age.  To reiterate, all soccer players born in the same calendar year will play in the same age group.


Another way to check that you have calculated your child's soccer age correctly will occur when you register online.  You will enter your child's birthday in the fields required and the online system will list your child's soccer age.  You will attend the age group for clinics and tryouts that is listed.  

(Please note that we will consider kids born in 2010 for the 9U teams.  Kids that are 2010 birth years are true 8U players next year, but our youngest year round groups are 9U teams.  However, we have always allowed boys and girls to join during the 8U year for those kids that are ready for year round soccer.  These kids will be considered and evaluated by our director of coaching, Jon Cook, to evaluate whether it makes sense for the child to play "up" in the 9U program. )  

If you are interested in joining the ISC but did not try out during the month of June, please contact Jon Cook @ jon.cook@iowasoccerclub.com


2017 Clinics and Tryouts process (Ages 9U-19U):

1.  Review programs for our different Levels of Play.

      • Clinics & Tryouts are required for our Advanced Year-Round program, Practice-Only Program (POP), and Practice-Only Program Plus Indoor (POPPI) players.
      • We do not hold clinics and tryouts occur for our other programs such as our ISC Academy Recreational Program and our ISC Lightning Intermediate Program.

2.  Review commitment expectations for Advanced Year-Round and POPPI Players

Advanced Year-Round Commitment Expectations:


 POPPI Commitment Expectations:

          • 9U-19U POPPI Commitment Expectations 2017-2018  (Coming Soon)


                POP Commitment Expectations:          

          • 9U-19U POP Commitment Expectations 2017-2018  (Coming Soon)


3. Review tournament commitment policy for Advanced Year-Round players:

4.  Review the dates and additional info for clinics and tryouts below


5. Review the club fees for 2017-2018

 2017 Clinics and Tryouts Registration (Ages 9U-19U):

1.  Click Here to Register for the ISC 9U-19U age groups for the 2017 clinics and tryouts.

There is a $25 Clinic / Tryout Registration Fee for all players.  (This link will be active on May 19, 2017)  

(Please have a photo ready to upload when you register.  A photo is required when you register for clinics and tryouts AND a photo will be required if you decide to join after the notification date.) 


2.  Finalize 2017 Clinic & Tryout Registration by attending one of the available registration times at the Hawkeye Tennis & Recreation Complex (HRTC) in the meeting room located near the east side entrance of the HTRC. The HTRC is located just South of the Hawkeye Recreation Soccer Fields and West of the Hawkeye Athletics Hall of Fame. The Hawkeye Tennis & Recreation Complex address is 2820 Prairie Meadow Drive in Iowa City. This registration process will only take a few minutes.  We have staff there for the full 2 hour period on the dates listed below, but again, the process only takes about 10 minutes.  

The following dates below are set for the 2017 Pre-Clinic & Tryout Registration for year round programs:

      • May 30 and 31, June 1:          5:00-7:00 PM @ HTRC Meeting Room
      • June 5, 6, 7, 8:                        5:00-7:00 PM @ HTRC Meeting Room
      • June 12, 13, 14, 15:                5:00-7:00 PM @ HTRC Meeting Room
      • June 20, 21, 22:                      5:00-7:00 PM @ HTRC Meeting Room
      • June 27                                   5:00-7:00 PM @ HTRC Meeting Room


    • A parent/guardian will need to attend registration at the HTRC to obtain a clinic/tryout t-shirt for their child. You do not need to bring your child in for this registration process. The t-shirt must be worn to all clinics/tryouts. This process will take approximately ten minutes.

    • NEW players to the ISC year-round teams MUST complete the following forms and these documents must be returned to the onsite tryout staff members:
A. Copy of birth certificate or Passport (ONLY if new to ISC year-round teams) 
B. IF your child is new to the ISC year round program, you will need to fill out a medical waiver at the pre-clinic/tryout registration.  (This will take 5 minutes) 


3.  Attend Clinics/Tryouts.

4.  Receive Notification of placement via e-mail.

      • Notification Date for 9U to 13U age groups will be Monday, June 19, 2017
      • Notification Date for 14U and Older age groups will be Thursday, June 29, 2017

5.  Accept or Decline roster spot within the given hours of receiving Notification E-mail.

      • 9U-13U Players must respond via email to the ISC staff regarding your decision to join for the next year within 12 hours of e-mail offer on June 19. 
      • 14U-19U Players must respond via email to the ISC staff regarding your decision to join for next year within 12 hours of e-mail offer on June 29.


6. Finalize the 2017 Post-Clinic & Tryout Registration by attending one of the available registration times at the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Complex (HTRC). The following dates are available for each age group. 

Post-Clinic Registration dates for 9U-13U:

      • June 20, 21, 22:               5:00-7:00 PM @ HTRC Meeting Room
      • June 27:                           5:00-7:00 PM @ HTRC Meeting Room


Post-Tryout Registration dates for 13U-19U:                         

      • July 5 and 6:                    5:00-7:00 PM @ HTRC Meeting Room