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Iowa Soccer Club

2018-2019 Financial Assistance


The Iowa Soccer Club (ISC) offers a limited amount of financial assistance each soccer year for players participating in the ISC Advance Year-Round Team Program and on a case by case basis to a few Pracice-Only Program Plus Indoor players.  ISC determines the amount of financial assistance based on income and financial need, NOT on soccer or athletic ability. Funds are raised by the voluntary efforts of ISC members. Players seeking assistance must apply each May/June during the clinics and tryouts registration and must attend at least two tryout sessionsPlease note, no financial assistance applications will be accepted after the tryout period, except in the case of a player moving into the area after the tryout dates.


How to Apply

            Applicants must fill out the financial assistance application every year, including supporting documentation, and turn it in during tryout registration in late May and early June or return by mail to the ISC office.  Supporting documents include, but are not limited to, the first two pages of your 2017 federal income tax return that clearly shows number of dependents and adjusted gross income (AGI).  Please note this information is kept confidential within the financial assistance committee. The application is available at the bottom of this page.  Those players who have not paid their tryout fee or have not submitted a complete financial assistance application along with the federal tax form by June 14, 2018 for 9U-13U and June 26, 2018 for 14U-18U, will not receive their team placement on clinic/tryout notification day and will only be considered for financial assistance if funds are still available.


Income Eligibility Guidelines

            To receive the maximum amount of financial assistance, the household AGI must be below the Department of Agriculture income eligibility guidelines for free meals.  The committee may award assistance if AGI is higher than the amounts shown below if there are extenuating circumstances e.g. loss of job, medical expenses, etc. The following is only a guideline for determining assistance.


Household Size

Annual Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)


Reduce price meals (185% of poverty guidelines)

*Free meals (130% of poverty guidelines)

























For each additional family member, add








            If awarded the maximum amount of assistance, the assistance will cover the ISC coaching/admin fee, the ISC facility fee, and up to $150 in team fees for fall and up to $150 for spring/summer *. The Committee may also award partial assistance to applicants. All players receiving financial assistance, even those receiving full assistance, are responsible for some expenses as stated below.



            Maximum assistance does NOT include the annual clinic and tryout fee, the annual registration fee, uniform fees, and your personal travel expenses to and from practices, games throughout central and eastern Iowa, and tournaments (11U and above some out of state tournaments).   In addition, the full assistance package does not cover any team fees that are in excess of the $150 that the full package pays per player for team fees.  Those receiving maximum assistance are responsible for paying the annual $25 Clinic and Tryout Fee, the annual $175 registration fee which is due by August 1 each year, purchasing a uniform set which costs around $115, and paying league and tournament team fees that are in excess of the $150 awarded by the full financial assistance package.  


In addition, the assistance does not cover the cost of ISC Premier Soccer Camp, ISC BAGIL league, or ISC Men’s League.


                                            Required Fees Beyond Full Assistance


Clinic/Tryout fee


Annual Registration Fee




Fall team fees above $150


Spring/summer team fees above $150 *


Winter/indoor tournament fees

Min. $30

BAGIL/Men's league ( 1 session required)

$100/$155 per session.

Travel expenses to/from practices, games, and tournaments


Hotel and food expenses with out of state tournaments


Estimated total minimum expenses


* For those who are above 130% of the poverty line, you will be responsible to cover all the spring/summer fees less the carryover from fall team fee reimbursement.


Commitment Expectations

            Each age group for the ISC Advanced Year-Round Program and Practice -Only Program Plus Indoor has commitment expectations for practice, league games, and tournament attendance. Players receiving financial assistance must meet the same expectations as all of our year round and POPPI players. They must complete the same minimum number of practices, league games, and tournaments. In addition, all players receiving financial assistance will be expected to participate in the club’s annual fundraiser for financial assistance. If commitment expectations are not meet your financial assistance will be revoked. More information regarding commitment expectations is available on our website.


Please note financial assistance is not offered for the Practice-Only Program (POP), but does grant some assitance on a cases by case basis to a few Practice-Only Program Plus Indoor (POPPI) players.




Please click here for the 2018-2019 Application (Updated 6/6/2018)

 Please note, no financial assistance applications will be accepted after the tryout period, except in the case of a player moving into the area after the tryout dates.

Application can be returned at clinic/tryout registration, by email, or regular mail. Any questions, please contact the ISC Administrator: