Joining Mid-Season

While the majority of our year-round players go through the clinic/tryout phase in June, we do our best to accommodate new players throughout the soccer year.   If you are interested in joining, please Contact Us.   We will get back to you as quickly as possible regarding roster availability. 


Steps to Join in Middle of Soccer Year

  1. Email the ISC Director of coaching if you are interested in joining the ISC YEAR ROUND PROGRAM.  Email Jon Cook at  Jon will make sure he lets you know which practices to attend and where to attend.  Each player will be allowed to practice with the club for 2 practices to decide if they would like to discuss joining the ISC with our Director.  
  2. After your child has attended a few practices, if your child is interested in joining, please e-mail Jon Cook again to let him know that you would like to register for the ISC Year Round Program.  Jon will connect you to our registrar, Diana Arpey,  who will assist you in finalizing the registration process.
  3. After approved, please Complete Online Registration when given the link (please upload a photo of the player during registration for player cards)
  4. Complete all necessary paperwork as directed by the ISC Registrar.  The necessary paper work is detailed below.
  5. Mail completed forms to the ISC office at the following address:

Iowa Soccer Club
220 Lafayette St #124
Iowa City, IA 52240

Forms For All Ages


Your volunteer team manager will be in contact with you shortly after completing the registration process.