ISC POP - Practice Only Program

ISC "POP" - Practice Only Program


The Practice Only Program is a part of our Intermediate Program Level in the ISC.  

The "POP" program is also one of the three year round programs that we offer in the ISC.  The three year round programs that we offer are listed below.  The "POP" program requires the least amount of time commitment of the three year round programs that the ISC offers.

Year Round Programs

1) "POP"-Practice Only Program for any U9-U18 

2) "POPPI" -Practice Only Program Plus Indoor-Only for U9-U14 players 

3) Advanced Year Round Program -for any U9-U18 player

Why do "POP"? 

The "POP" program is designed for young soccer players who want to make huge progress in their soccer skill development and for players who want to learn how to play the game better.  As with ALL of the ISC programs, we offer only expert level coaching to all programs.  Players in the "POP" program will train with our best coaches and receive the best instruction possible.  They will also practice with all of the Advanced Year Round players.

What makes the "POP" program different from the "Advanced Year Round" level is that the "POP" players don't have any requirements in terms of game attendance, practice attendance, or tournament attendance.  For some families it is a better fit for them to "ease into" our programs by choosing to take advantage of the coaching and skill development offered at practices before formally committing to a team and to traveling with the team for games and tournaments.  

Please note that starting with the new season next year on August 1 of 2017, all "POP" players in the age groups from 9U-14U will be required to commit to the same practice requirements as the advanced year round players.   "POP" players in the 15U-19U age groups will not have practice requirements.  Nothing else will change for the "POP" players except for the practice requirement in these 9U-14U age groups.  The "POP" player will not do games or be required to travel.  

How To Register for "POP"

The clinics and tryouts for the 2016-2017 will begin soon, we are still accepting players for the Practice Only Program. If you are interested in participating in this program, which will run through July of 2017, please contact 

Is the "POP" program seasonal?

The "POP" program is not a seasonal program.  The "POP program is a part of our year round programming.  However, if you join the "POP" mid year, we offer pro rated coaching and facility fees with the exception of the U15 and older players in regard to the facility fee.  All U15 older players must pay the full facility fee regardless of when they join during the year.  All players in the ISC in all of the year round programs pay the full registration fee regardless of when they join.

Programs not offered to "POP" players. 

ISC "POP" players in the U15 and older age groups are not allowed to enter the draft for either the ISC "BAGIL" or the ISC Men's League.