Summer ISC Premier Soccer Camp


July 9-13, 2018

Registraton Deadline: June 18, 2018 

Please note that we only accept 230 campers so the camp may fill before June 18 



Join the ISC for our annual summer Premier Soccer Camp held every year since 1998.   Our club is proud to offer the highest quality instruction possible in Eastern Iowa.  THe focus for our camp is to provide the kids with expert coaching and at the same time we make sure that the camp is FUN for all participants.  


Camp Registation is closed.


2018 Camp Dates


Monday, July 9-Friday, July 13, 2018.

Registration Deadline is: June 18, 2018 (Please note that we limit the camp to 230 campers so it will likely fill up before June 19.) 

We do not accept walk-ups at the ISC Summer Camp.  All registration must be done online by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Half Day Camp 8:00am to 11:30am - Available for campers who are 6 years old by start of camp.  The oldest age group players that we accept for this camp are freshmen in high school which includes both the 15U players for the 2017-2018 soccer year and the freshmen that are 16U players.   

Full Day Camp 8:00am to 3:00pm - Available for campers who are 8 years old by start of camp.  We do not accept kids younger than 8 years of age for full day registration.  The oldest age group that we accept for this camp is the 15U players for the 2017-2018 soccer year AND 16U players that are freshmen in high school. 

(Lunch is 11:30am to 12:30pm for Full Day Campers.  Campers need to provide their own lunch and snacks) 

We are limiting the 2018 ISC Summer Camp to 220 total kids.   This will ensure that all campers have the best possible instruction and guidance all week.  Due to the fact that we limit the total number of players that we can accept, we DO NOT offer refunds for players who do not attend camp.  The rain out refund policy is listed below.  

In addition, all participants must register for a minimum of 3 days.  Parents are allowed to register for 3 half days or 3 full days, but 3 half days or 3 full days is the minimum amount of time we allow for registration. 


Please note that the ISC Summer Camp will be held at the Kicker's Soccer Complex located at 4400 Soccer Park Road, Iowa City, Iowa, 52240. 

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 Cost for 2018 Camp

Full Day for all 5 days is $225.
Half Day for all 5 days is $150.  (Half Day is only offered in the morning)
Full Day for single day is $45 per day.
Half Day for single day is $30 per day.

There is an option to choose registration for only part of the week.  However, you must register for AT LEAST 3 days of camp.  Therefore, there are options to register for anywhere from 3-5 days of camp.  


Rain Out Refund Policy: If 2 camp days or more are rained out, a partial refund will be sent to the families.  A refund will not be distributed if only one day is rained out.

Other Refund Information:  If you need to change plans for your child and pull them out of camp due to other commitments, we do not issue refunds because the camp limits our registration numbers.  If you register your child for camp you are taking up a spot from someone else that would like to have their child play, so we do not issue refunds unless there is a family emergency.   

 Services Included

All campers will be provided professional coaching from camp staff, a Camp t-shirt, soccer ball, large shade tent, and large water coolers all day.
(Campers need to provide own snacks, lunch, and water bottles which can be refilled from the coolers)

 What Makes the ISC Camp Special?

Qualified Coaches that are dedicated to teaching and Making camp Fun!  

We hire a very qualified staff to work with your kids.    We have our best ISC coaches work the camp and we also bring in other coaches who are expert coaches.  All of our head coaches at camp have vast experience working with kids and understand how to keep camp fun at the same time that they provide excellent instruction.  Our Director of Coaching, Jon Cook, has refined the camp curriculum over the past 16 years to ensure that the activities and skill exercises are age appropriate and engaging for all levels of youth players.   There isn't any guesswork at the ISC camp with young, inexperienced coaches learning on the fly.  Our camp is highly organized and all coaches have a clear idea what the teaching goals are for each day at camp.   

2018 Camp Directors:

Camp Director 

Jon Cook-ISC Director of Coaching 

Coaching Experience:

  • Director of Coaching for the ISC from 2000 to present.  
  • Hired as a full time coach in 1999 to work for the ISC.  
  • Past Experience as an Olympic Development Coach for the Iowa Soccer Association 
  • Worked as the ISC Camp Director for 18 years.

Coaching Education:

  • United States Soccer Federation "A" License Coach
  • USSF National Youth License
  • Current Instructor for the Iowa Soccer Association for USSF "D" and "E" License Courses

Formal Education:

Master's Degree in Education -University of Iowa

Playing Background:

Former Division I Collegiate Soccer Player at the University of Missouri-Kansas City

Assistant Camp Director 

Colin Crichton-ISC Assistant Director of Coaching

Coaching Experience:

  • Assistant Director of Coaching for the ISC from 2014 to present.
  • Director of Coaching-Cedar Valley Soccer Club: 2013-2014
  • CRSA Staff Coach: 2008-2013
  • Director of Coaching -Heartland Soccer Club: 2003-2005
  • Director of Soccer Programs: Dixon Park District, Illinois:  2000-2003

Coaching Education:

United States Soccer Federation "A" License Coach

Playing Background:

Former Professional Player -Scotland 


Minimal Requirements for Volunteer Coaches at ISC Camp.  

Every year at camp we have many of our current high school players help out with camp.  We require that these kids have some basic training about working with children.  

  • Even the Volunteer coaches at the ISC camp are required to hold the USSF "E" license.  The course is run by the United States Soccer Federation and is a 20 hour class.  The course prepares coaches to work with soccer players in the age range from 9-12 years old.  

 Additional Services for Camp


Early Bird Skills Training-OPTIONAL TRAINING 

6:30am to 7:30am - Recommend for players with experience in competitive soccer!

"Early Bird Skills" is offered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday morning.  Please note that we DO NOT have "Early Bird" on Wednesday morning in order to give the kids a mid-week break to recharge.  Players are NOT required to attend any of the "early bird" sessions.  This is an optional program.  

 1) One Hour of intense skills training -led daily by -Jon Cook-Director of the ISC.  The purpose of the "Early Bird Skills is to give the most serious players more training led by our Director each day.  
2) Special individual ball skill training with a strong focus on technique training-which are the building blocks for successful soccer development
3) Your child must be at least 9 years old to participate.   
4) I would not recommend this program for your child if this is their first year at the ISC Camp, unless they are a competitive soccer player on a competitive team.  This is absolutely not a "drop off early" service for working parents.  This is a really challenging part of training meant for the most serious players.  
5) Mix of all ages training together. 
6) If you come to "early bird" on the first day, you will need to bring your own ball, because we won't have the camp balls ready to distribute that early in the day. We won't start checking people in for camp until 7:15 AM on the first morning of camp.  


3:15 to 4:00 PM - Recommended for players with experience in competitive soccer!  This is an OPTIONAL program.  

"Cleggy Hour" is only open for current 11U and older players.  

"Cleggy hour" will be offered only on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon.  We will not do "Cleggy Hour" on Friday afternoon.  

"Cleggy Hour" is entering our 5th Year as a new tradition at camp.  Our director, Jon Cook, decided to add "Cleggy Hour" a few years back in order to restart one of the ISC coaching staff traditions after camp.  A few summers back, one of our volunteer coaches, Chris Clegg, a current ISC player at the time, and now staff coach with the ISC, was passionate about the "numbers game" and insisted that the coaches stay and play the juggling game, known as the "numbers game" every day after we finished coaching.  We all had a great time with the game and have since incorporated the game into the ISC training sessions every once in a while when the kids need a fun game to get warmed up for training.   The game requires a lot of skill and is fun for players who love to juggle.  The "numbers game" is not a high intensity game and is a fun way to hone a player's control of the ball while having fun competing without much exertion.  It is a perfect activity for after camp for the true "soccer junkie!"    Again, players are NOT required to attend.  This is an optional program offered only for current U11 and older players.  

 1) Jon Cook-Director of the ISC will lead the "Cleggy Hour."  To be clear though, this is not an instructional period of camp.  Jon will facilitate the game and probably jump in and test his juggling skills against the top players.  This is meant to be a fun way to cool down from camp for the kids who are complete "soccer junkies!"  The game itself is fairly self-teaching and therefore, no extra teaching will be offered.  

2) Since it is late in the afternoon after a long day of camp-Jon will make sure that the kids are reapplying sun screen and staying hydrated.  

3) If your child does not like to juggle or is not interested in this type of activity, please DO NOT use this as a day care service.  In addition, simply because we will have a staff member on hand until 4 PM that does not mean that we can supervise kids that are not doing "CLEGGY HOUR."  We are not responsible for the supervision of children that are not participating in "Cleggy Hour."  Therefore, the regular camp hours end at 3 PM.  If your child is not participating in "Cleggy Hour," please do your best to arrive promptly at 3 PM to pick up your child and at least by 3:15 PM at the latest.  

4) You do not need to do any separate sign up for "CLEGGY HOUR" nor is there an extra fee to participate.  Just like the "early bird" program, your kids will stay on the days that they feel like participating.   It doesn't matter to us, if Jon only has one player at "Cleggy Hour" we will still do "Cleggy HOUR!"   

5) Your child must be a current U11 player to participate.  


Registration for ISC Camp 

Registration for the 2018 ISC Premier Summer Camp OPENED ON MARCH 1, 2018.  


For information about our other soccer programs, please contact ISC Coaching Director, Jon Cook via email at

Registration Deadline is Monday, June 18, 2018.  However, registration will close before June 18, if we reach our maximum numbers.

We DO NOT accept walk-ups at ISC Summer Camp.  All registrations must be made online.  


Other Info and Questions

We recommend that campers attending the summer ISC Premier Soccer Camp for the first time only register for the half day camp due to the level of energy required.

If you have questions about camp, please use our Contact Form and we will respond as quickly as possible.


*Starting 2018, evaluations will be done only for 8U and older players, who register for the full week (half-days included) of camp.