ISC Men's Indoor Soccer League - Session I

 ISC Men's Indoor Soccer League- Session I-November 2018-Early January 2019



Join us for another exciting indoor soccer season for excellent play in Iowa City's most competitive and most comprehensive indoor league as we enter our 13th year of the league!  

What is the ISC Men's Indoor Soccer League? 

The ISC Men's Indoor Soccer league is an indoor men's league that includes the area's best youth players ages 16U-19U and and the area's best adult players for indoor matches.  Games are mostly played on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings in the winter months.  For this session, most games will be played on Friday nights, but there will be some Saturday and Sunday night games.  A full list of game nights is listed below.  The games are played on a high quality indoor turf field in the excellent indoor facility owned by the University of Iowa named the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Center.   The facility address is 2820 Prairie Meadow Drive, Iowa City, Iowa.  Although the University of Iowa has built a new turf field that is also a part of the HTRC, this league will be played on the old turf, which is officially referred to as the Hawkeye Turf.  The old turf is not designed for cleats, so indoor shoes must be worn for league play.  

Why sign up for the ISC Men's Indoor League?  

We offer the most games, the most competitive league structure, and ALL games are played on an indoor turf field, not a gym floor, for players to enjoy soccer at a high level over the winter months.  Just as importantly, our director of our club, Jon Cook, is committed to managing and running a league that meets and balances the needs of both the top 16U-19U  elite club players and the adult players in Iowa City.  For over 12 years we have maintained a great balance with high level youth players who fully understand that they are youth players privileged to play in a Men's leaugue and adult players who benefit from playing against players reaching their prime as competitive and elite players.  

When is the League Offered?

We hold two sessions each year.  

Session I runs from November 2018 through Early January 2019.  

Session II runs from January through March.     

Overview of the League

Format of League
6v6 Indoor Soccer-No Walls- Games are played on an excellent turf Field at the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Center.  This is not a sport turf field, so no cleats are allowed, but the turf is in great condition.  Since there are no walls, when the ball is played out of bounds, we play kick-ins for restarts.  

The field space is about 40 yards wide by 55 yards long so with 5 field players on each team and a goalie for each team, the space allows for good soccer to be played by the teams.   

Number of Games Per Team for Session I

10 Guaranteed Games for Each team for Session 1

Duration of each match

45 minutes with a running clock-no half time

Number of Teams Accepted: 11 Teams  (There is absolutely no room for more than 11 teams for session I of 2018-2019.) 

Note: If you are interested in joining the league, but do not have a full team, please click HERE to contact us and we will attempt to match you with players in a similar situation.  There are no guarantees, however, that we will have room for you in the league.

Start Date for ISC Men's League Session I:

The start date will be Friday, November 2, 2018  (This is updated for 2018-2019 Session I) 

End Date for ISC Men's League Session I:

The end date will be Sunday, January 6, 2019  (This is updated for 2018-2019 Session I) 

Complete list of league Nights for Session I: 

Friday, November 2, 2018 

Friday, November 9, 2018

Sunday, November 11, 2018  (Games will be played on this night from 6:40 PM -9:05 PM)

Friday, November 16 , 2018 (No high school teams will play on this night)

Saturday, November 17, 2018 (No high school teams will play on this night) (Games will be played from 10:20 PM-11:55 PM) 

Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday, December 7, 2018

Sunday, December 9, 2018  (Games will be played on this night from 6:40 PM-8:15 PM) 

Friday, December 14, 2018

Sunday, December 16, 2018 (Games will be played on this night from 6:40-8:15 PM 

Friday, January 4, 2019

Saturday, January 5, 2019 (Games will be played on this night from 7:00 PM -11:55 PM) 

Sunday, January 6, 2019 (Games will be played on this night from 6:40 PM-8:15 PM) (Finals Night) 

Games could be scheduled at any time in the time blocks listed below.  If these times don't work, please don't register for the league.  

Friday Nights: 7:00 PM to 11:55 PM  

Saturday Nights:  Time range for Saturday nights are listed above. 

Sunday Nights: Time range for Sunday nights are listed above for the Sundays that we will have games. 

Cost for League:$135 Per Player 

Each player must register on their own online and pay the $135 fee.  All players will play in 10 games and receive a league jersey for the fee of $135.

In addition, if your team wins the regular season championship, all players on your team will receive winner's shirts and play in an 11th game.

Minimum # of Players that must register per team to be accepted for Session 1:  11 Players

Each team must have 11 players registered AND PAID in full through our online system by the registration deadline in order for us to accept your team.  Your team coordinator must ensure that all 11 players have registered and paid by the deadline if you want us to consider your team for acceptance in the league.  

Maximum # of Players that a team can register: 11 Players

Given the fact that each team cannot field more than 11 players per game, we do not allow teams to register more than 11 players per team because the fee is too much money to pay if you will not be allowed to play in all games.  Moreover, a player cannot share their roster spot with someone else in order to split the fee.  Each team can have 11 players only and all 11 players must pay by the payment deadline if you want your team to be accepted in the league.   

Methods of Payment:

We only offer 1 method of payment.  Each individual player must register online and pay their full fee with a credit card online at the time of registration in order to be eligible to play for your team.  This payment option is unique in that we actually try to make each person responsible for their own fees.  We do it this way so that one person, for example a coach or team captain, is not burdened with having to pay the team entry fee for all the players.  

Player Registration and Payment Deadline: Wednesday, October 31, 2018

(No Exceptions) 

Team Roster Submission Deadline: Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Each individual player must register and pay online, but a captain or coach must register your team by contacting our league director, Jon Cook, so that we know which 11 players that have registered will be assigned to your team.   Information on how to register the roster for the team is below.     

Registration Start Date: Friday, October 26, 2018

Schedules will be released: Thursday, November 1, 2018

Given the fact that we allow registration up until Wednesday, October 31,  we will not be able to release the schedules for the league play until Thursday, November 1, 2018.  All teams should assume that they will have a game on Friday, November 2, 2018, at some time during the time frame from 7 PM to 11:55 PM. 

On Thursday, November 1, 2018, we will release the schedule for the first weekend only.  

How to submit your team roster to the league director:

To register your team, please e-mail Jon Cook at  

The individual player registration links are below.  

Please note that each adult player must register for payment below under the "Adult player" link and each 16U-19U  player, must register below under the "High School Player Link" player link.

Individual Player and Payment Links: 

Adult players, click here to register and pay for Session I:  


High School Players Click Here to Register and pay for Session I

16U Players that are sophomores and all 17U-19U players, register as High School PLayers


Important Note to 16U-19U Players:

If you are currently an ISC 17U, 18U, or 19U player or a 16U player that is a sophomore, you will register individually and we will place you in a pool of players for the annual league draft for high school club players.   The director of the ISC, Jon Cook, will select captains from the pool of players who register for the league. These captains will then select the teams from the players registered at the annual draft at the Vine on TBD over some of the Vine's famous wings.   ISC "POPPI" players are allowed to enter the draft, but ISC "POP" players are NOT allowed in the draft.  All players who enter the draft must meet their practice requirements each week to be eligible to play in the league games on the weekend.  

We will not include high school players in the draft that do not meet the criteria above.  Other high school players that would like to participate in the league are welcome to form their own teams, or possibly play on the "Free Agent team," but they will not be included in the draft with the ISC players.  If you are not a part of ISC  and do not have a full team of high school players to form a full team, please contact Jon Cook at to inquire about open roster spots on the "Free Agent Team."  We typically have a number of high school players from other clubs  that play on the Free Agent teams.  We also welcome players on the "Free Agent teams" that are high school players but not current club players.  

Players that are playing in the league through the draft will be coached by the ISC staff coaches for most games.  If your son is not interested in being held accountable by coaches for their play, they should not participate in the draft.  Our coaches are working to help the players grow and improve through their play in the league.  This is not a "pick-up" league run by the players.  While each high school team has a team captain, when the ISC staff are present for the games, they are in charge.  

Specific Details of the League

Break Down of Games:

All teams are guaranteed 10 games for Session I.   

Tournament Play: 

The top two seeds will play each other for the championship on Sunday, January 6, 2019.  (Please note that we will also have regular season games held on that day.)    

General Policies:

You may play on more than 1 team in the league as long as you register and pay for both.

Scheduling Requests:

We cannot accept any scheduling requests.  

Roster Size Review
The maximum roster size is 11 per team.   All 11 players from your roster can play in each game.  If you use more than11 players in any given game by borrowing a player from another team in the league, your team will forfeit the game.  To be clear, each
 team may only use players that are a part of their 11 person roster.  If you use players that are not on your 11 person roster, your team will forfeit the match.  

Minimum # of Players that must be present at the start of the match: 6 per team

Your team must have 6 players dressed and ready to play with shinguards on and jerseys on by the time the referee blows the whistle to start the game if you want to avoid a forfeit.  We take this rule very seriously as this is a serious league meant for competitive players.  Given the high cost of the league, we want teams to play games against opponents that are dedicated and opponents who respect the league.  If your team does not have 6 players ready to play at the start of the match, your team will forfeit the match.  

Please note that if you start the game with six players but at some time during the match you play with less than 6 players due to an injury, the game will not be counted as a forfeit as long as the injured player is able to return to the match and play for at least half of the match.    

Guest Player Rule in Forfeited Matches:

If your team does not have enough players to play a scheduled match and therefore, your team forfeits the match, the league will still allow the game to be played as a "friendly."  Your team may use guest players from other teams in the league in order to play the scheduled match as a "friendly."  Your team may only use registered players in the league to play with your team in a forfeited match.  To reiterate, you cannot add players to your team in order to play the forfeited match unless they are current and active players in the league.  If you use a player that is not registered in the league, your team will forfeit its next match as well the current match.  

Forfeit Penalty:  

In order to improve the quality of the league and therefore provide a better product to our members, we have a penalty for teams that forfeit games.   The team that forfeits will receive 0 points for the game and the score will be recorded as a 0-8 loss for the team that forfeits the game.   We hope that this discourages teams and players from forfeiting games because the team that has to play in the forfeited match ends up receiving fewer quality games.   

Double Forfeit:

In the rare event that both teams must forfeit a match, both teams will be awared 0 points and the score will be recorded as a 0-8 loss for both teams.  Even if one team has more players than the other team, if both teams have less than 6 players to start the match, the game will be considered a double forfeit. 

Red Card Penalties:

Any PLAYER or COACH red carded MUST LEAVE THE HTRC TURF AREA before the game will restart.   This means that the player or coach must exit the turf area completely until the game is completed.  Players or coaches receiving a red card or ejection before, during, or after a game are prohibited from playing in their team's next match.   A player/coach who is serving a suspension is not permitted to participate or coach ANY TEAM for the duration of the suspension! Each Red Card will result in a $25 fine for the team. Fines must be paid in full before the team will be allowed to participate in their next match.    Even if the player chooses not to attend the next scheduled match, the fee must be paid before the team will be allowed to play its next match.   

Please be aware that while this is a men's league, the referees will give ALL players only 1 warning regarding the use of inappropriate or foul language and players may be yellow carded if the use of bad language persists following the warning from the referee.  In addition, if any offensive or bad language is directed at the referee, the referee is not obligated to offer a warning to the player and the player in question may be yellow or even red carded in this instance.   

Rules Summary:

Player Equipment: All players are required to wear shin guards.

Footwear Requirements: Indoor footwear will be restricted to indoor soccer shoes, traditional turf shoes, or gym shoes.

Length of Game: All games are played with running time, 45 minutes with no halftime.  

Number of Players: 6 (5 Field players + goalie)

Offsides: No Offsides.

No slide tackling: Players must stay upright and "on their feet."  This does not stop players from sliding to stop/intercept a ball but NO contact can be made with opposing players.

Out of play & Restarts: The ball starts at the center spot to start the game, half, or after a goal has been scored.  The ball may be put into play in any direction-indirect kick.  To be clear, the kick off is an indirect kick.

Kick-ins will be taken when the ball crosses one of the touch lines, resulting in an indirect free kick.  Goal kicks must be taken within the goal box area-direct kick.  Corner kicks are direct kicks.  If a ball hits the roof or any fixture attached to the roof, the ball will be placed directly below the place of contact and the kick will be awarded as an indirect free kick.  All restarts, with the exception of the kick off, must be taken within 6 seconds.  Failure to put the ball back into play in 6 seconds will result in loss of possession.  

Substitutions: Substitutions may occur: On an unlimited basis and "on the fly" from their own team area, provided that the player leaving the field and the player entering the field do not participate or create an advantage while they are simultaneously on the surface.  The players leaving the field are obliged to do so as quickly as possible and at their assigned bench area.  Infringement-Indirect free kick.   

Goalkeepers:  A goalkeeper has possession any time he/she has a part of his/her body covering the ball unless he/she is using his/her feet as a field player.  Once in possession of the ball, the goalie has 6 seconds to release the ball into play.  The goalie is NOT allowed to punt the ball.  A goalkeeper cannot handle a ball in his/her penalty area that was intentionally played toward the goalie unless; it was played from a team-mate's non foot or when the ball was last played by an opposing player.  Infringement Indirect free kick.  

The penalty area in our league is very small.  We use what is actually the goal area, or in other words, the 6 yard box,  as the designated penalty area that the goalkeeper can use their hands to handle the ball.  There is almost a full 18 yard box marked out on the turf field, but we don't actually give the keepers that much space to field the ball with their hands because that area takes up almost half of the field of play. 

Free Kick & Free-Kick Restarts: The opposing team must immediately and automatically be 12 feet (4 yards) from any restart.  Free kicks must be put back into play within 6 seconds.

Fouls and Misconduct: All fouls on the field of play will be awarded as a direct kick.  Please note that technical infractions such as the goalie picking up the pass back will result in an INDIRECT Free Kick.  In addition, dangerous play is considered a technical infraction.  Therefore,  high kicks or playing the ball while on the ground will result in an INDIRECT free kick.  

Session I Summary -10 Team League Information Below

  • 10 Games-Guaranteed to all Teams  
  • Each game is 45 minutes long with a running clock-no half time
  • Your team must have 11 players paid in full and registered online if you want to be accepted in the league. If you are interested in joining, but do not have a full team, please CLICK HERE to contact us. We will attempt to match you with players in a similar situation.
  • Professionally administered league
  • Referee Crew Committed to Adult Soccer and the Youth Players in the League 


  • Awards for the team at the top of the league based on the two teams selected for the final game on Sunday, January 6, 2019.  


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Click Here to View the Schedule for Friday, November 2, 2018 (UPDATED ON NOVEMBER 1, 2018)

Click Here to View the Schedule for Friday, November 9, 2018 and Sunday, November 11, 2018 (UPDATED ON NOVEMBER 8, 2018)

Click Here to View the Schedule for Friday, November 16, 2018 and Sunday, November 17, 2018 (UPDATED ON NOVEMBER 13, 2018)

Click here to view the updated Standings for Session I  (UPDATED NOVEMBER 13, 2018) 

Contact the League Director: Jon Cook -Director of ISC at with any questions.