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Assessment and Evaluation of Coaches at the Iowa Soccer Club

The Iowa Soccer Club is dedicated to the growth of its players and coaches.  It is essential that all coaches at the Iowa Soccer Club are assessed and evaluated by the Director of Coaching, Jon Cook, and their peers.  The goal of the assessment program is to encourage coaching that is aligned with the physical and mental development of the ISC player.  We also use this method to ensure that the Iowa Soccer Club philosophy of player development is followed and properly presented.  The coaching staff will be evaluated through several methods including the following:  Video Analysis, On-site Observation, and Training Session Plan Review. 

Role Coaching Education Professional Development Assessment and Evaluation
Director / Assistant Director of Coach  Minimum of USSF A  Maintain current license and pursue new educational opportunities (e.g. NSCAA, USSF, UEFA, FA, KNVB)   ADOC is required to submit 5 training sessions and subject to annual evaluation by DOC
Head Team Coach Minnimum of USSF C License  Attend 1 USSF or NSCAA Course or 3 Intra-Club Professional Development Sessions.   Continual formative assessmet by DOC/ADOC, submit 5 training session plans for revew, video analysis of 1 training session, and semiannual evaluation by DOC/ADOC 
Assistant Team Coach Minnimum of USSF E 

Attend 3 Intra-Club Professional Development Sessions and Co-Coach Games with DOC/ADOC during winter playing period.

Continual formative assessment by DOC/ADOC, submit 3 training session plans for review, and semiannual evaluation by DOC 
Academy or Lightning Assistant Coach US Youth Soccer Youth Module Required  Attend 2 Intra-Club Professional Development Sessions  In-person evaluation by DOC/ADOC