ISC Clinics and Tryouts 2020/2021

Open to Boys and Girls 8U - 19U

As you can imagine, there has been a lot of uncertainty regarding tryouts due to the COVID Pandemic.  As of May 14, 2020, our governing body that determines tryout rules for all competitive clubs in Iowa determined that all “in person” tryouts will not be allowed.  Team formations for the 2020-2021 season will be based on player registrations.  Please read below for details.

Please Review all Registration Information and the Age Group Matrix Before Registering for the 2020-2021 Year Round Season

2020-2021 Registration Process for 8U-19U soccer players that want to play year round with ISC
  • Due to the COVID Pandemic, no “in person” or virtual tryouts are allowed by our governing soccer organization in the state of Iowa.  This means that if your child is interested in joining an ISC Year ROUND COMPETITIVE TEAM or joining year round programs such as “POP” Or “POPPI,” tryouts and clinics have been replaced by an ONLINE REGISTRATION PROCESS indicating your interest in joining an ISC Year Round Program.  Registration must be completed by ABSOLUTELY no later than Friday, June 12.
  • There is no fee to register.  Registration simply indicates your desire to consider the ISC.  Once you have registered, you will have more direct access to communication with the ISC Staff regarding what the year round program will look like next year.  In addition, when you register, you will receive information via email from our Director Of Coaching, Jon Cook, which should help you understand what our programs are about, what we do, and ultimately general information that will help you decide whether the ISC is the club that makes sense for your kids.
  • ONLINE Registration for the 2020-2021 season does not mean you have made a commitment to play for 2020-2021.  The registration only indicates your interest in joining an ISC year round team or program.
  • We do not hold Clinics and Tryouts for our ISC Academy Program and our ISC Lightning Program even in normal non Pandemic years.
2020-2021 Clinic And Tryout Registration (Ages 8U-19U)
  • Registration for the 2020-2021 season is now open.
  • Online registration must be completed by June 12 if your child wants to play during the 2020-2021 season.
  • Determine Your Age Group Designation
    • Use the age group matrix to determine your child’s soccer age.
    • Age group designations are based on the calendar year, not the school year.
    • The cutoff for all age groups is January 1.
    • Players born in the same calendar January 1 until December 31 are grouped together on the same team.
    • Please see bottom of page for information concerning 2013 birth year players*
  • Prior to completing registration for the ISC 8U-19U 2020 Clinics and Tryouts, review the following documents:
    • ISC Commitment Expectations
    • ISC Fee Structure
  • Understand the ISC Philosophy for player selection.  We do not select by ability in the ISC until the 13U year.  All players that play on 9U-12U teams play on evenly divided teams and players that are willing to make the time commitment to the ISC are accepted.  Starting at the 13U year, we form “A” and “B” teams in all age groups that have more than one team.
  • Register for the ISC 8U-19U 2020 Clinics and Tryouts
    • Due to the fact that we are unable to hold “in person” or virtual tryouts, there will be no fee to register for tryouts this year.
    • Please have a photo ready to upload when you register.
  • Notification of Age Group Invite-JUNE 17, 2020
    • 13U-19U Age Groups:  The process is very different this year as compared to previous years.   Due to the fact that we are unable to hold tryouts, for all players on teams in the 13U-19U age groups, we will select a pool of players for each age group on June 17.  This means that on the “Invitation to play” date of June 17, if your child registered to be considered for a team in the 13U-19U age groups, we will not be able to notify them if they have made the “A” or “B” team on June 17.  We will only be able to notify them that they have been selected to the pool of players in the age group.  The pool of players in each age group for 13U-19U teams will range from 36-40 players.   If you are selected to the age group, “A” and “B” teams for 13U-19U teams will be formed by mid August 2020 based on practice performance.
    • More information on selection process for 13U-19U teams:  While all returning ISC players will be accepted into the pool of players that we will announce on June 17, it will be difficult to determine without physical tryouts who to select for 13U-19U teams for the open roster spots.  How then will we determine which new players will make the pool of players selected on June 17?:
      • Per the Rules set out by the State Governing Body of Soccer, the Iowa Soccer Association, “club officials may accept prerecorded footage from a parent/guardian or player from a new potential player only, and only if this family chooses to share this video recording.”
      • In addition, the team coaches will be in email contact with new players to see out more information from the families to give us a better background of their soccer and athletic background.
    • 9U-12U Age Groups:  For the kids that have registered by June 12 for the 9U-12U Year Round Programs, we will email an invitation to play on June 17 and parents have 12 hours to respond with their decision for their child’s commitment to play for the ISC for the 2020-2021 season.   For players in the 9U-12U ages, we are driven by the belief  that kids develop at vastly different times and therefore, early selection by ability at 9U-12U does not account for the rapidly changing developmental growth of soccer players.  Even in normal years, non Pandemic years, we do not hold tryouts for 9U-12U teams.  Many years ago we implemented what we call a “SELF-TRACKING” system for player entry into the ISC at these ages.  Kids choose what “track” or path they want to pursue at the 9U-12U age groups.  This means that on June 17 when you receive the invitation to play, you will have considered very carefully whether the cost and time commitment are a good match for your family and your child.  If they are not a good match, other seasonal programs such as the “ISC Lightning” program might make more sense.
  • For details concerning how to accept your team placement and to finalize your 2020 registration CLICK HERE.

* ISC will consider players born in 2013 for the 9U teams.  Players that are 2013 birth years are true 8U players next year, but our youngest year round groups are 9U teams. However, we have always allowed boys and girls to join during the 8U year for those who are ready for year-round soccer. These players will be considered and evaluated by ISC Director of Coaching, Jon Cook, to evaluate whether it makes sense for the child to play “up” in the 9U program.  

  • Please contact Diana Arpey at
Clinic and Tryout Master Schedule

Download the ISC Clinic and Tryout schedule at the link below:

2020 Clinic and Tryout Schedule-DUE TO THE COVID GLOBAL PANDEMIC, we are unable to hold “in-person” or virtual tryouts for the 2020-2021 season.  Players that are interested in joining for the 2020-2021 season will register and we will send an email notification on June 17 to let you know whether you were selected to our pool of players for an age group.  

Age Group Matrix

Download the ISC Age Group Matrix at the link below:

ISC Age Group Matrix

Fee Structure

Click on the Link Below to see the details regarding fees.for the 2020-2021 season.

Please note that if social distancing measures related to another COVID outbreak are reinstated during the 2020-2021 season, the ISC will offer VIRTUAL LIVE practices during the social distancing period.  If "in person" practices are not allowed and the majority of a month's practices are VIRTUAL LIVE practices, the club will reduce the monthly club fees by the amount of fees that are set for facility fees. 

If you agree to join an ISC Year Round team next year, the commitment is a 12 month financial commitment.  There is no option to elect out of VIRTUAL LIVE practices and the monthly registration and coaching/admin fees.  To reiterate, if most of the practices for a given month are VIRTUAL LIVE practices as opposed to in person traditional practices, the monthly facility fees will not be charged, but all other monthly ISC Club fees will be charged.  

ISC Fee Structure