ISC Advanced Year-Round Team Program (Ages 8U-19U)
  • Practices are held during most months of the year, except for parts of December and July. Training starts in early August and usually finishes in June.
  • Some older age teams practice in July, but usually our 8U-14U teams take the whole month off unless they participate in the ISC Summer Camp.
  • Training sessions run by highly qualified, expert level, USSF Licensed Coaches.
  • Required participation in Indoor Competitions (Number of games depends on Age Group).
  • Required attendance at League games and Travel Tournaments (Number of league games and tournaments depends on age group.)
  • Required minimum training session attendances (requirements depend on age group).
  • Required attendance at clinics/tryouts held in June.
  • 2019-2020 ISC Club Fees: 8U-19U players: $1,241.00 per year
  • ISC Team Fees: League fees and tournament fees paid to team treasurer – Amount varies from team to team.
  • Uniform Cost: Approximately $125.00
Player Development Oriented Professional Coaching

The goal of the ISC is to foster the growth and development of each player through age-appropriate coaching methods administered by professional coaches.

ISC offers advanced year-round programming to boys and girls teams ranging in age from 8U to 19U. ISC teams have been successful in Iowa and across the Midwest. Ten ISC teams have won state championships since the club’s inception in 1997. Our focus on player development has produced many alumni that have played or are currently playing at all college levels and at the professional level.

Teams train year round, participate in local and state league games, and participate in statewide and out of state tournaments. Outdoor practices are conducted at the Iowa City Kicker’s Soccer Complex, the Coralville Youth Soccer Complex and indoor training is conducted at the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Complex (HTRC).

In addition to team training sessions, we also offer a Super Skills program to enhance each player’s ability to maneuver the ball successfully, and an incentive plan program to improve each player’s ability to strike the ball with different surfaces of the foot. These extra programs are provided at no additional cost to the player.

Commitment Expectations

Our 8U through 19U have programs have stringent practice and game commitment expectations and all Advanced Year-Round players must attend a clinic or tryout before potentially being offered a team placement.

  • Please contact Diana Arpey at