ISC Lightning

Recreational/Intermediate Soccer Program For 9U-14U Players
Purpose, Description, and Goals of the ISC Lightning Program

The ISC Lightning program is our intermediate program for 9U-14U  players, held over the course of ten weeks in the Fall and Spring.  We also offer a Winter Program this is held once per week for 16 weeks of indoor practices.   The ISC Lightning is a “training only” program where players receive the appropriate training without having to commit to travel and weekend games.

Although the ISC Lightning program teaches concepts and skills that are more advanced than what is covered in a typical recreational program, the program is open to all  that are interested. We do not want the “Intermediate” label to scare young players away from the Lightning program.
We do not require that the participants in our ISC Lightning program have played in our ISC Academy program prior to joining the Lightning program and completely understand that at some point everyone is new to the game! Our coaches will welcome your child regardless of their past experience in the game. Moreover, the ISC is very open to players of all ability levels and unlike many other competitive sports programs in the U.S., our expert coaches and teachers understand that every child develops at different rates.

Why Choose The ISC Lightning Program
  • In the Iowa City community, there are a number of very good soccer programs. However, the main difference between the ISC and most other soccer programs in the area is the level of expert coaching that we offer. If we cannot offer expert coaching to a program or a team, we won’t offer the program or we will limit participant numbers.
  • The ISC Lightning program uses ISC’s most experienced and qualified coaches. We take great pride in our ISC Lightning Program!
  • The ISC Lightning program is run by the ISC’s full time Director of Coaching, Jon Cook, who has been with the ISC since 1999. Jon is a former player, educator, and a highly licensed coach through the United States Soccer Federation. Jon holds both the USSF “A” License and the USSF National Youth License. In addition, he earned a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Iowa.
  • In addition to our staff of qualified adult coaches, we also use our high school aged youth players who have completed the entry level USSF coaching course certification to help coach at the Lightning practices. Using these energetic and licensed high school mentor coaches really helps the program run smoothly and gives all of the kids more coaching attention.
Player Eligibility
  • Players born in the following birth years can participate in the 2023/2024 ISC Lightning program:
    • 9U – 2015 birth year
    • 10U – 2014 birth year
    • 11U – 2013 birth year
    • 12U – 2012 birth year
    • 13U- 2011 Birth Year
    • 14U-2010 Birth Year

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  • Please contact Diana Arpey at
ISC Lightning Coaching Philosophy

Download the ISC Lightning Coaching Philosophy at the link below:

ISC Lightning Coaching Philosophy