ISC Clinics and Tryouts for the 2022/2023 Season

Open to Boys and Girls 8U - 19U

Please Review all Registration Information and the Age Group Matrix Before Registering for the 2022-2023 Year Round Season

2022 Clinic and Tryouts Process (Ages 8U-19U) 
  • Clinics & Tryouts are required for our Advanced Year-Round program, Practice-Only Program (POP), and Practice-Only Program Plus Indoor (POPPI) players.
  • We do not hold Clinics and Tryouts for our ISC Academy Program or the ISC Lightning Program.
2022-2023 Clinic And Tryout Registration (Ages 8U-19U)
  • Clinic and Tryout Registration will open on Monday, May 2, 2022.
  • Clinics are held for the 9U-12U age groups.
  • Tryouts are held for the 13U-19U age groups.
  • Determine Your Age for the 2022-2023 season.
    • Use the age group matrix to determine your child’s soccer age.
    • Age group designations are based on the calendar year, not the school year.
    • The cutoff for all age groups is January 1.
    • Players born in the same calendar January 1 until December 31 are grouped together on the same team.
    • Please see the bottom of page for information concerning 2015 birth year players*
  • Prior to completing registration for the ISC (8U-19U) 2022 Clinics and Tryouts, review the following documents:
    • ISC Commitment Expectations
    • ISC Fee Structure
    • ISC Code of Conduct
    • ISC Tournament Commitment Policies
  • Understand the ISC Philosophy for player selection.  We do not select by ability in the ISC until the 13U year.  All players that play on 9U-12U teams play on evenly divided teams and players that are willing to make the time commitment and demonstrate a willingness to learn and work hard are accepted if they join during the clinics time period in June.  Starting at the 13U year, we form “A” and “B” teams in all age groups that have more than one team.  We are NOT able to take all players in 13U-19U age groups.   We will limit the total number of players in those age groups.
      • 9U-12U Age Groups: For players in the 9U-12U ages, we are driven by the belief  that kids develop at vastly different times and therefore, early selection by ability at 9U-12U does not account for the rapidly changing developmental growth of soccer players.   Many years ago we implemented what we call a “SELF-TRACKING” system for player entry into the ISC at these ages.  Kids and families choose what “track” or path they want to pursue at the 9U-12U age groups.  We only ask that kids who want to play in the year round program demonstrate a willingness to learn, willingness to work hard, and a willingness to be a good teammate.  On the notification day, which is Thursday, June 16, when you receive our email with the the invitation to join the ISC year round program, we ask that you  will have considered very carefully whether the cost and time commitment are a good match for your family and your child.  If they are not a good match, other seasonal programs such as the “ISC Lightning” program might make more sense.
      • 13U-19U Age Groups: All returning ISC Year Round Players will be guaranteed a spot on the 13U-19U teams, but they will have to compete with all members at the tryouts to determine whether they will be placed on the “A” or “B” team in the age group.
  • Please note that when you register for the 2022 Clinics and Tryouts:
    • There is a $30 Clinic/Tryout Registration Fee for all players that attend our clinics and tryouts.  This includes returning year round players.
    • You must have a photo ready to upload when you register.
  • Attend Clinics and Tryouts
      • Attendance is required at a minimum of 2 clinics/tryouts unless your family has notified us that your soccer player will be out of the country during the entire clinic/tryout period.
      • You must have your son or daughter check-in prior to their first clinic or tryout at the fields to receive their t-shirt and to verify that they are registered.  We will have our ISC administrator, Diana Arpey, on site for the clinics and tryouts from 5-9 PM for the first two weeks of ISC clinics and tryouts.  
  • Notification of Age Group
    • The notification date for all 9U-13U Age groups is Thursday, June 16, 2022.
    • The notification date for all 14U-19U age groups is Thursday, June 23, 2022.
  • For details concerning how to accept your team placement and to finalize your 2022 registration CLICK HERE.

* ISC will consider players born in 2015 for the 9U teams.  Players that are 2015 birth years are true 8U players next year, but our youngest year round groups are 9U teams. However, we have always allowed boys and girls to join during the 8U year for those who are ready for year-round soccer. These players will be considered and evaluated by ISC Director of Coaching, Jon Cook, to evaluate whether it makes sense for the child to play “up” in the 9U program.

(Please note that players enrolled in the Advanced Year Round Program are not allowed to switch to “POP” or “POPPI” during the seasonal year from August-May.  The formal time to make the switch from the Advanced Year Round Program to the “POP” or “POPPI” program is during the clinic/tryout month of June.  This is why we ask families to look very closely at the commitment expectations required of ISC Advanced Year-Round Players before you accept a spot in that program, because we do not let players switch during the seasonal year.)  

  • Please contact Diana Arpey at
Clinic and Tryout Master Schedule

Download the ISC Clinic and Tryout schedule at the link below:

2022 Clinic and Tryout Schedule-Updated on March 22, 2022

Age Group Matrix

Download the ISC Age Group Matrix at the link below:

ISC 2022-2023 Age Group Matrix


Click on the Link Below to see the details regarding fees for the 2022-2023 season.

ISC Fees for 9U-12U for 2022-2023 

 ISC Fees for 13U-19U for 2022-2023