ISC Men's Indoor Soccer League

ISC Men's League is Open to Adult Men and Youth Players 16U-19U (Note all 16U players must be sophomores.)
What is the ISC Men’s Indoor Soccer League?
  • The ISC Men’s Indoor Soccer league is a professionally administered indoor league that includes the area’s best youth (players aged 16U-19U) and adult players.
  • Our league has a great history in Iowa City as we enter our 14th year.  Lots of great ISC players and terrific adult players have played in this league.  This is the league for the best adult players in Iowa City.
  • Two sessions of indoor play are offered each Winter and all games will be played at the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Center (HTRC).
  • HTRC Address –  2820 Prairie Meadow Drive, Iowa City, Iowa.
  • Due to COVID protocols, all participants must wear a mask at all times even while playing.  In addition, no spectators are allowed in the facility.  The Men’s League participants will not be allowed to remain in the facility if they are not participating in the match that is scheduled.  Participants must use only the East Entrance to the HTRC for both entry and exit. 
  • Please download the ISC Men’s League Rules.
Why Sign up for the ISC Men’s Indoor League?

The ISC Men’s Open indoor league offers a very competitive league structure and all games are played on an indoor turf field (not on a gym floor). The league is professionally run and balances the needs of both the top 16U-19U elite club players and adult players in Iowa City.  For over 13 years the league has maintained a great balance between high level youth players who fully understand that they are youth players privileged to play in a Men’s league, and adult players who benefit from playing against young players reaching their prime.

  • League champions receive winner’s shirts.
  • Session 1 runs November 2020 through December 2020.  Due to the COVID shutdown that lasted through December, we are restarting the ISC Men’s league session 1 games on Friday, January 8, 2021.  Session 1 games will be completed on Sunday, February 7, 2021.
  • Session 2 will start on Friday, February 12, 2021 and will finish Friday, March 12, 2021.
  •  Includes 9-11 games and a league t-shirt/jersey.
  • Each team will play 9 games for session I.
  • The fee for each session is listed under the “Date/Schedule/Cost” Link.
  • 6v6 Indoor Soccer – (5v5 plus keepers).
  • The field is 40 (w) x 55 (l) yards.
  • No Walls, kick-ins for restarts.
  • A maximum of 11 players per team.
  • Games will be 45 minutes in duration (running clock, no half time).
  • Players are NOT allowed to wear cleats on the HTRC surface.
  • League Scoring is 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 for a loss.
  • Championship games that end in a tie are decided by penalty kicks.
  • Each adult player registers on their own.  They must register online and pay the $135.00 fee by using the “Adult Player” registration link.
  • A team captain or coach must also register your team by contacting the league director and identifying which 11 registered players should be assigned to your team. To register your team, please submit your team roster via e-mail to
  • Each team must have 11 players registered AND PAID in full by the registration deadline (no exceptions). Team registration is the responsibility of your team captain/coach.
  • We do not allow teams to register more than 11 players, and players cannot share a roster spot.
  • Note: If you are interested in joining the league, but do not have a full team, please contact the league director and we will attempt to match you with players in a similar situation. There are no guarantees, however, that we will have room for you in the league.
  • Each player must register online and pay the $135.00 fee by using the “High School Player’ registration link. All 16U players that are sophomores and all 17U-19U players, register as high school players.
  • All high school registered players will be placed in a pool of players for the annual league draft.  The league director will select team captains, and those captains will then select the teams from the players registered at the annual draft.
  • ISC POPPI players are allowed to enter the draft, but ISC POP players are NOT. All players who enter the draft must meet their practice requirements each week to be eligible to play in the league games on the weekend.
  • Non ISC high school players that would like to participate in the league are welcome to form their own teams, but they will not be included in the draft with the ISC players.
  • While each high school team has a team captain, players that are playing in the league through the draft will be coached by the ISC staff coaches for most games and follow our guidelines for the games.
  • We are working on Setting up INDOOR play for SESSION 1 2020.  There will be changes put in place due to the restrictions related to COVID.  All participants will be required to wear masks while playing and at all times when in the HTRC facility.  In addition, no spectators are allowed in the facility.  Only the players, referees, and ISC staff will be allowed in the HTRC facility for the men’s league games for session I of 2020.
  • Adult and high school player registration and payment deadline – Tuesday, November 3, 2020.
  • Schedules released for the first weekend of play: Thursday, November 5, 2020.
  • We allow registration up until Tuesday, November 3, therefore, we will not be able to release schedules for league play until Thursday, November 5, 2020.
  • Teams should assume that they will have a game on Friday, November 6, 2020  at some time during the time frame 6:00 PM to Midnight.

We only offer one method of payment.  Each individual player must register online and pay their full fee with a credit card at the time of registration in order to be eligible to play for your team.  This payment option is unique in that we actually try to make each person responsible for their own fees.  We do it this way so that one person, for example a coach or team captain, is not burdened with having to pay the team entry fee for all players.

  • Please contact the League Director Jon Cook at

ISC Men’s Indoor League – Sponsor

Session 1 Team Assignments

Download the Men’s Open Session 1 Team Assignments at the links below:

High School Teams for Session I
Adult Teams for Session I

Session 1 Date/Schedule/Cost

SESSION 1 Men’s League GAMES will be played on Friday nights.   


Download the MEN’S League weekly Session 1 Schedules at the links below:

Weekend #1 — 11/6/20
Weekend #2 — 11/13/20
Weekend #3 — 1/8/21-Restart Weekend
Weekend #4 — 1/15/21 AND 1/17/21
Weekend #5 — 1/22/21 AND 1/24/21
Weekend #6 — 1/29/21
Weekend #7 — 2/5/21 AND 2/7/21

League Fee=$130 Per Player for 9 League Games and a league jersey.

Session 1 League Standings

Download the Men’s Open Session 1 League Standings at the link below:

Men’s League Standings Session 1


Session 2 Team Assignments

Download the Men’s Open Session 2 Team Assignments at the links below:

Men’s League High School Rosters
Men’s League Adult Rosters

Session 2 Dates/Schedules

SESSION 2 Men’s League GAMES will mostly be played on Friday nights.  



Download the MEN’S League weekly Session 2 Schedules at the links below:

Due to the fact that we are restarting session I on Friday, January 8, 2021, following a 5 week COVID shut down, we have not yet set any dates for session II.  We will finish session 1 on Sunday, February 7, 2021.  The first league night for session 2 will be Friday, February 12, 2021.   I will put together all of the other league dates for session 2 by mid January assuming that we can finish session 1 without any COVID shutdowns.*

League Cost -TBD


Session 2 League Standings

Download the Men’s Open Session 2 League Standings at the link below:

Men’s League Standings Session 2


Men's Indoor League Rules

Download the Men’s Open League Rules at the link below:

Men’s Open Indoor League Rules